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I am a sunset chasing, wildflower loving photographer with an eye for art. I laugh a lot and drink a lot of coffee. I gawk over every sunset and I love hiking to the top of mountains for the view. I love chilly mornings and warm summer nights and I'm happiest where my darling husband is. We have a sweet baby boy who giggles more than anything and cute border collie pup who never slows down and we love long evening walks - the more the merrier. Nights with campfires are the best and family is everything. I serve my Jesus and live in grace - my favorite time of day is the early morning with my hot cup of coffee and my over-highlighted, wide open Bible.

I grew up asking for point-and-shoot cameras every Christmas and watching my dad take photos with his "big camera" during each one of my sports games. I happily took his DSLR camera when he upgraded and my business began that day 7+ years ago. I've since shot hundreds of portrait sessions, over 50 weddings, taken handfuls of classes, and won competitions. I've worked hard for this small business of mine and love meeting so many sweet souls along the way. 

Photography is what I love - but people are my passion. More than shooting and editing a session, I love serving the ones who come my way by showing them the beauty and grace around them - in their family, their life, the things they love - and capturing it for them in a timeless fashion for them to hold in their hearts and on their walls for the rest of their lives. 

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