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DIY Gender-Neutral Baby Mobile

I have found such cute baby decor that I absolutely love but just way out of my price range - the average price for a cute mobile was $150! That is a high price to justify for something so simple. Mobiles are one of those things that can really cost a lot - especially a stylish one. I wanted I've looked all through Etsy and combined my favorite designs into one I could make myself, and I thought I'd share it with any of you trying to put together a nursery you love!

This baby mobile cost me THIRTEEN DOLLARS. All of my supplies are pictured below and bought at Michaels! Michaels ALWAYS has sales - most of these items were 40% off!

What You'll Need:

1. A wooden embroidery hoop - pick whatever size you'd like - this one was $2.99!

2. Twine

3. Greenery you love

4. Ribbon to match

(I absolutely loved this ribbon - I had wanted to go with bright happy colors for the nursery but this ribbon was too pretty to pass up! I might add some thin colored velvet ribbon later if I'm feeling like it.)

How to:

1. Tie the greenery on the twine at varying lengths (can be as long or short as you like!)

2. Separate the two embroidery hoops and grab the middle one.

3. Take superglue and glue the twine to the OUTSIDE of the smallest hoop (so that the twine is pinched in between the two wooden hoops for extra security).

4. Leave about 2 or so inches between each piece of twine for your ribbon.

5. Superglue the ribbon every once in a while between the greenery - I didn't want the ribbon to overpower the whole mobile so I think there are only five or six strips on mine.

6. Once you are finished superglueing all the twine and ribbon, attach the outside embroidery hoop back on.

7. Keep some extra ribbon and use it to hang the mobile from the ceiling.

8. I plan on hanging the mobile with a simple mug hook - it is extremely light so nothing really tough is needed.

9. Enjoy!!



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