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Bossert Wedding | Rustic and Sunflower Wedding in Huntingdon, PA

Marisa and I had never been apart for more than a week until we were 18 and went to college. We grew up together and have gone through each season of life together so far. She is the sweetest girl and she laughs a lot. ;)

The few days before this wedding were a little hectic - the day before the wedding (that was supposed to be out in a field by a creek) our town flooded and the rain was supposed to continue through the weekend. The field she was getting married in was notorious for flooding easily because it is low ground and right next to a creek - but God is SO GOOD and the ground was barely soggy and the rain WENT AWAY just as their first look was happening and stayed sunny and clear the rest of the day, and they even got their golden hour portraits!! It was such a beautiful day and every detail was so Marisa and Adam. Marisa loves all the rustic old country details, and Adam's family is from South Dakota (there's something like 21 siblings and in-laws? A LOT. Family formals were huge.) and a huge bunch of them work on farms out there so that theme was very evident and you'll probably see a few cowboy hats and boots. ;) Adam also surprised Marisa and organized a plane to fly overhead and drop seven thousand rose petals before Marisa walked down the aisle. It was so beautiful, the pictures don't do it justice.

I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks. <3

Wedding dress, lace, wedding photographer

wedding shoes, heels, white, wedding photographer

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wedding dress, bow

getting ready, hair and makeup, wedding photogorapher

getting ready, hair and makeup, wedding photogorapher

getting ready, hair and makeup, wedding

getting ready, hair and makeup, wedding

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