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Emily and Philip | Outdoor Barn Wedding in Lebanon, PA

This wedding was so special to me because I wouldn't have made it through college without Emily. We stuck to each other's sides since day one - we learned from each other's mistakes and grew into adults (?) together. ;) I cried so many times during this day - from her first look with her dad, to giving her mom a gift, to her first look with Philip, her walk down the aisle, my maid of honor speech... and I'm sure I missed some. I am so thankful for Emily and Philip and the many double dates we had together over our college days. Even though we're living 10 hours apart, I know once we see them again we'll pick right up where we left off.

This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Outdoor weddings have such a fun and relaxed vibe to them that I just love. The barn doors swung open and the reception was half in the barn and spilled out onto the lawn - and it was a beautiful sight at sunset. We had so much time for bride and groom portraits (YAY) and so many beautiful locations to take them. I hope you enjoy this blog post with some of my favorites from Philip and Emily's wedding day!

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